A field RESEARCH ASSOCIATION IN MONTANA dedicated to experiencING, learning, and leaving a legacy in geology education. 


The Geology Field Station, near Red Lodge, Montana is not easily forgotten.  From the dusty jeep trail, to Jeanette's 40-year tenure in the kitchen, to the sweeping view of the Beartooth Mountain Range, YBRA has created a place we're proud to call home.  A place where students, alumni, and everyone else in between had an experience that will last a lifetime.  It's these experiences that make YBRA special. 


Education is at the core of all we do. It's why we first opened our doors and it's why our doors remain open today.  We have partnered with universities, research institutions, corporations, and private donors to lead several generations in geology education. We've seen many students begin to truly learn the science of geology on our campus and in our rugged classrooms at YBRA. This is something we hang our hat on.


On November 21, 1936, the Princeton Geological Association secured a five-year lease on the Geological Field Station.  Since this time, little has changed at YBRA.  The culture has remained same, dedicated to promoting and supporting the field sciences in the mountains of Montana and Wyoming.  It's a legacy that shapes us and will continue to do so moving forward for many years to come. 

"YBRA is the gold standard of field camps in the United States" -- Shawn Mahmood, Alumni

If you've had the fortunate opportunity to experience YBRA, we invite you to leave a legacy for future generations to do the same.  Tremendous life and career experiences have started -- and ended -- at YBRA.  YBRA is a 501 (c) 3 and all charitable gifts are tax exempt.